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The best set of car tyres for your vehicle can be the difference between a sloppy and uncomfortable ride and a comfortable and enjoyable one. Apart from just increasing the performance of the vehicle, good car tyres enhance safety and reduce fuel consumption. Every car owner should have a brief and essential idea on how to choose a good and cheap car tyre for their car. Superb Automotive is a trusted automotive tyre shop which provides good and cheap tyres and tyre repair services at attractive prices all over Clayton, Springvale, and Huntingdale.

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Car Tyre Buying Tips and Checklist

  • Choose Tyres that match your car: Choosing a racing tyre might not be the best option for your family wagon. Always consider your vehicle and make the appropriate choice.
  • Original equipment manufacturer vs New brands: We often don’t pay much attention to the brand of the tyre, but when you are looking for new ones, it is a good idea to know which tyre brand the vehicle came with. The advantage of sticking with the original brand is that the vehicle manufacturers have decided that that brand is the best for your vehicle. Unless you are expert in the field or have done good research, it will be safer to stick with the original brand. Moreover, it is much easier to get OEM tyres since the driver’s manual will usually provide help on how to get them.
  • The right tyre size: It is important to check the size specifications from your car manufacturer before buying a new tyre. A combination of characters on the sidewall of your tyre will also describe the type of tyre it is.
  • Handling, reliability, and comfort: Comfort should also be given priority when considering tyres. The tyres you buy should be safe and make you go fast, but you should be comfortable while being in the car as well. You can do this by checking out a review of previous tyre purchases by the brand you are looking for. Look for their responsiveness in wet and dry conditions. And you don’t want a loud tyre either—research before buying from your tyre shop.
  • Budget: You may have different budgets and requirements and should plan accordingly. There will always be a catch when it comes to tyres. Would you be willing to pay higher for greater speed and comfort? Or are you looking for the cheap tyres option that is less durable? It is important to consider the trade-offs between different models of tyres before going to a Tyre shop and making a purchase.
  • Know your driving conditions: The roads you usually drive on and the time of the year should make a significant impact on your decision. If you drive more on highways, go for highway tyres, which are made strictly for paved surfaces and work poorly on rough and unpaved terrain. Off-road tyres are designed to perform well in mud terrain but are not cut out for freeways. All season tyres are a good and practical choice made by most tyre owners, but sometimes you will need something specific for a specific season. They might lack the versatility, but they make up with their good performance in that particular condition. Winter tyres are a good example.

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