Why You Should Find a Good Auto Service Centre for the Clutch and Brake Repair

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The Perils of Poor-Performing Brakes

Unlike movies, your car brake won’t abruptly stop working and make you fall off a cliff. What can happen is that your brakes will be too slow to respond when you suddenly need them and cause an accident. This might seem like the driver’s fault at first, and people tend to blame the person for reckless driving. The truth is regular maintenance of the clutch and brake system could have avoided this situation.

Everyone knows that a poor performing brake is bad, but most just shrug off when the need to repair or maintain the brakes arise. Most often don’t know when to repair their brakes, they just assume that the brakes are doing ‘okay’. It is easy to brush aside the fact that your brakes should be in top condition all the time to increase safety and reduce accident potential.

Brake Clutch Repairs

Understanding the Importance of a Quality Clutch Kit

Most people are oblivious to the working principles of a clutch. This makes it hard to know when it’s time for clutch maintenance or repair. Clutches essentially regulate and control the transfer of power to the engine and the transmission and wheels. Manual vehicles possess a friction clutch between the engine and the gearbox, which helps them to transfer power. Even though clutches are designed to withstand for a long time, they are liable to undergo extreme wear and tear and is dependent on the driving habits of the individual.

Obvious Signs That a Brake Repair Is Needed

  • Screeching sounds when you brake, which might be subtle or deafening
  • The car starts to pull towards one side when braking, which suggests brake imbalance
  • Vibration during braking
  • Slow responding brakes or sponginess
  • Firm pedals that require a lot of effort to press down
  • Dragging of brakes which means that the brakes are still applied even after you remove your feet from the pedal
  • Burning smells when you brake
  • A brake warning light
When to Go for Clutch Repairs?
  • A burning smell of smoke from the underneath your car can suggest clutch overheating. This can also mean damaged brakes, but more often this might be a worn clutch plate.
  • When the clutch is wearing out, it is highly likely for your vehicle to slip between gears when under heavy load. This can also suggest an oil leak from the crankshaft to the clutch plate, but you should go to a professional clutch and brake specialist right away.
  • Similar to firm brake pedals, the clutch pedals can also remain engaged, giving you a harder time to engage and disengage the clutch. This is usually due to an unnoticed leak, which causes pressure build-up. If you get find difficulty with your clutch, go see a clutch and brake repair centre right away.
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