Expert Engine Rebuilding Services in Melbourne

Engine rebuilding is often shrouded in mystery because not many people like to rebuild their worn-out car engine. They usually prefer to replace the engine entirely. But sometimes, a rebuilt engine might be the best option in certain situations. Superb Automotive provides good quality engine rebuild all over Clayton, Springvale, and Huntingdale at competitive prices. An engine overhaul price can be daunting sometimes, and we can give you a few tips to know when an engine rebuild might be in order.

Why Should You Rebuild Your Engine?

Sometimes you are trying to keep the original parts of your car and replacing an engine is something you don’t want. Or sometimes an engine replacement might be more expensive than a rebuilt engine. If you are opting for an engine rebuild, there are two major reasons that warrant it.

  • Worn out engine bearings: The bearings inside the engine are so worn out over time that it needs replacement.
  • Piston rings that are not seating well: Poorly seated piston rings will cause the oil to burn in the combustion chamber, which is something you don’t want.

The Engine Rebuild Process

The engine will be removed from the vehicle and pieced down to its parts. They are then inspected for wear and tear. After a good inspection, the parts will either be smoothed out using machines so that it may be returned to good condition or might be replaced entirely. Replacement of parts is required when the damage is extremely great. The piston rings and bearing are usually replaced because they are essential to keep the engine working in optimal condition. Sometimes, the pistons themselves are replaced if the need arises. The engine is then reassembled and installed back in the vehicle, good as new. Most of the parts remain the same.

Tips to Know When You Need an Engine Rebuild

Not all car ownersare familiar with the intricacies of a vehicle engine. Here are a few signs that tell you that an engine rebuild is needed:

  • High oil consumption: If you notice that the oil levels keep falling consistently, you might need a rebuild. This is often a sign of blow-by – which means that oil is getting burned in the combustion chamber along with the fuel. This is usually due to poorly seated piston rings and requires replacement. Blue exhaust smoke is also a characteristic of oil being burnt.
  • Exhaust smoke turning White: If you notice that your exhaust smoke is excessively white, it is time for engine repairs. Especially when cold, white exhaust smoke means that the coolant is mixing with petrol and is a major problem.
  • Knocking or Chattering noises: A knocking or chattering noise that rises and falls with engine RPM means that your engine bearings are worn down.
Superb Automotive for Engine Rebuild

If you spot these signs, you should immediately visit us for an engine rebuild. We provide exceptional-quality engine rebuild services in Clayton, Springvale, and Huntingdale without compromising on affordability. We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in all automotive mechanical repairs and services, and the complete satisfaction of every customer is something we are incredibly passionate about. Call us right now at 0425 824 956 to know more.