Why You Should Use a Rotary Engine Specialist

Rotary engines provide a new alternative to traditional reciprocating piston combustion engines. Although these are not common in modern automobiles, the several advantages of rotary engines make it a good choice to shift to it. Superb Automotive provides specialist rotary engine services all over Clayton, Springvale, and Huntingdale. We are the answer to all your ‘rotary engine specialist near me’ queries by providing service to improve rotary engine performance and using premium quality rotary engine performance parts.

The rotary engine uses a rotor which is triangularly shaped to divide the space inside the engine. The moving rotor is responsible for transporting fuel to the various compartments during each part of the engine cycle, which is a standard four-stroke cycle of intake, compression, ignition, and exhaust. They can be built with any number of rotors which is similar to the multiple cylinders in piston engines. These rotors engage the driveshaft and propel the vehicle.

As rotary engines are uncommon, a rotary specialist is often required for good rotary engine performance.

Rotary Specialist

Benefits of Rotary Engines, Why You Should Consider Specialists for Rotary Engine Repair in Clayton, Springvale, Huntingdale

  • Simplicity: The major advantage of a rotary engine is its mechanical simplicity. It contains lower number of parts when compared to a piston engine. This results in lower costs in design and manufacture and reduced weight. Rotary engines do not have valves, camshaft, rocker arms, timing belts, or flywheels, which further reduces the engine weight and decreases the chances of malfunction. This also means easier repair, but a rotary specialist who knows the engine in and outis needed. Rotary engines have a higher power-to-weight ratio, and that contributes to its high usage in aviation during the early stages.
  • Reduced Vibration: Due to a different kind of motion, rotary engines produce less vibration. This enables them to run at higher RPM, thus increasing the potential power significantly. Moreover, during a breakdown, the engine will not seize up, unlike a piston engine. The rotary engine will keep working, unlike a piston engine, which will stop due to loss in power through compression loss.
  • Safer: Rotary engines are unlikely to seize during operation and are hence much safer. This is the reason rotary engines are used in aircrafts and allow the pilot to land a flight with a failed engine safely.
  • Higher Power: Rotary engines are also used in sports and racing cars, especially in the Mazda RX series of cars. This is mainly because the rotary engines can be pushed to high RPMs to produce power over shorter durations when compared to conventional piston engines.

Due to the non-prevalence of rotary engines, your vehicle with a rotary engine mustn’t be handled incorrectly. Rotary specialists are technicians who understand the working of a rotary engine and possess the necessary training and expertise required to handle rotary engines. It is important to do your research before handing over your car to a mechanic unless you want your high-performance rotary engine to malfunction.

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