Steps to Increase Your Performance at a good Workshop

Since engines are mostly about physics, math, and the process of turning heat energy into mechanical motion, all you need to increase your car performance is to do performance tuning at a good car performance workshop. Car performance workshop does the necessary tuning and tweaking of your car engines and components so that the performance becomes optimal and provides a good riding experience without compromising safety or comfort. Superb Automotive is a world-class performance car workshop who can tune your vehicle efficiently to get the most out of your vehicle. If your car is covered under a manufacturer warranty, we will ensure that the tune-ups won’t void the manufacturer warranty. Our services cover Clayton, Springvale, and Huntingdale.


Here are a few steps to increase your car performance by taking it to a good car performance workshop:

  • Use synthetic lubricants: They reduce friction and help the engine to live longer. They create better lubrication between the moving part than conventional grease or oil, and they also don’t break down easily in high-heat or high-stress conditions. This is why synthetic lubes are used a lot in racing and other performance applications. They are also mostly unaffected by high temperatures and cold winter climates, keeping the viscosity of the oil intact.

  • Optimise ignition systems: It is easy to overlook ignition systems at the local performance car workshop because they have been pretty low maintenance for a while. But to keep your car running at maximum performance, ignition systems need to be maintained regularly as well. A misfire or poor light off in your engine means lost power which results in lost fuel and increased exhaust emissions. The ignition system needs to be precisely adjusted to operate at maximum efficiency and power. A potent spark from the ignition is required for the power performance in vehicles. Always go for original equipment, which performs better, or high-end aftermarket parts.

  • Increase compression: It is often the most obvious way to increase the raw horsepower of your vehicle. More compression means more engine power, but raising compression is always fraught with concern because cam selection is also highly involved in the process. The cam and engine should cooperate so that you get more power without engine damage. This requires specialists, so take care when you choose your car performance workshop centre.

  • Increase efficiency: It is often not known by the common person that your engine creates more power than it delivers. We all know that a lot of energy is spent as heat energy and internal friction, but the disparity is larger than you might think. Here’s a fact to help you wrap around this: your engine wastes almost three-quarters of the energy during fuel light off as heat. This means that only 25% of the fuel is used. This waste can be reduced by decreasing friction to free up more power. Using a roller tappet camshaft, or roller rocker arms along with other methods can increase the efficiency of your vehicle by reducing internal friction. But keep in mind that there is always a trade-off. For example, using more liberal clearances and low-tension piston rings can result in lower durability of the components. Proceed with caution.

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